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Hawaiian Tiki Statues And Tiki God Meaning - Ku - Kanaloa - Lono - Kuka Ilimoku

Traditional Kanaloa Tiki 24" - Hawaii Museum - Hawaii Heritage
Here is a beautiful tiki measuring 24 inches, made out of solid monkey pod wood. Kanaloa is known as the tiki of the ocean and fishing. Kanaloa is one of the four major Haw...
Premium Tiki Akua Kai 48" - Ocean Tiki - Hawaii Museum
Here is a beautiful Tiki measuring 48 inches tall (120 cm), made out of solid wood. The original sculpture is the only one of its kind in the world and is now part of a pri...
Ku Kona-Style Tiki 20" - Stained - Traditional Hawaii Museum Replica
Stained monkey pod wood! Here is a beautiful tiki KU measuring 20 inches, made out of solid monkey pod wood, hand polished in Hawaii. KU is known as the Tiki of strength, w...
Natural Tiki God Ku 40" - Premium Monkey Pod - Hawaii Heritage
Here is a hand carved Tiki measuring 40 inches tall, super thick and heavy, carved out of premium Acacia wo...
Ocean Tiki 51" Kanaloa Tiki Idol - Tropical Decor | #yda11002120
Here is a hand carved Tiki totem measuring 51 inches, the deity is Kanaloa. The back of the totem is flat s...
Premium Tiki Akua Kai 60" - Art Gallery Grade - Hawaiian Heritage
This full size Tiki Akua Kai sculpture - Tiki of the Ocean, fishing, abundance and more... measures 65 inch...
Premium Tiki Ku - 40" Strength - Hawaiian Mythology | #yda11015100
Here is a beautiful tiki figure measuring 40 inches (100cm), made out of solid Acacia Koa wood. KU is known...
Hawaiian mythology Of the great gods worshiped throughout Polynesia, Ku, Kane, Lono and Kanaloa were named to the early missionaries. They are invoked together in chant, as in the lines: A distant place lying in quietness According to Kupihea the great gods came at different times to Hawaii. Ku and Hina, male and female, were the earliest gods of his people. Kane and Kanaloa came to Hawaii about the time of Maui.
Tiki Gods Ku and Hina: male or husband (kane) and female or wife (wahine), are invoked as great ancestral gods of heaven and earth who have general control over the fruitfulness of earth and the generations of mankind. Ku means "rising upright", Hina means "leaning down". The sun at its rising is referred to Ku, the afternoon to Hina. Prayer is addressed to Ku toward the east, to Hina towards the west. Togetherthe two includes the whole earth and the heavens from east to west; in a symbol aslo they include the generations of mankind, both those are to come and those already born. Ku is the expression of the male generating power of the first parent by means of which the race is made fertile and reproduces from a single stock. Hina is the expression of female fecundity and the power of growth and production. The universal character of Ku as a god worship to produce good crops, good fishing, long life, and family and national prosperity for a whole people is illustrated in a prayer.
God of the forest and of rain Ku: Kumokuhalii (Ku spreading over the land), Kupulupulu (Ku of the undergrowth), Kuolonowao (Ku of the deep forest), Kumauna (Ku of the mountain) God of husbandry: Kukaoo (Ku of the digging stick), Kukulia (Ku of dry farming), Kukeolowalu (Ku of wet farming) God of fishing: Kuula or Kuulakai (Ku of the abundance of the sea) God of war: Kunuiakea (Ku the supreme one), Kukailimoku (Ku snatcher of the island), Kukeoloewa (Ku the supporter), Kuho`one`ene`u (Ku pulling together the earth) God of the sorcery: Kuwahailo (Ku of the maggot-dropping mouth)
Tiki Lono in Hawaii is associated with cloud signs and the phenomena of storms. Lono as god of fertility was celebrated in the Makahiki festival held during the rainy season of the year. In prayers to Lono the signs of the god are named as thunder, lightning, earthquake, the dark cloud, the rainbow, rain and wind, whirlwinds that sweep the earth, rocks washed down the ravines by "the red mountain streams rushing to the sea", waterspouts, the clustering clouds of heaven, gushing springs on the mountains. Tiki Kane: was the leading god among the great gods named by the Hawaiians at the time of the arrival of the missionaries in the islands. He represented the god of procreation and was worshiped as ancestor of chiefs and commoners. Tiki Kanaloa is invokedby canoe men, Kane for the canoe building and Kanaloa for its sailing.
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