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Maori Culture - Koru Tongue Sticking Out

Maori Tiki Totem 20" | #dpt516950
Here is a hand carved and hand painted Maori Tiki totem (black color) measuring 20 inches tall. This artsy pop art Tiki totem would look great in a modern home or up to you...
Big Kahuna Chief Tiki Totem 63" - Hand Painted & Carved
Here is a hand carved and hand waxed Tiki totem (hand carved and hand painted) standing at 63 inches tall (160 cm). This Maori Tiki pole will be a great conversation piece ...
Maori Warrior Tiki 7 Foot - Burnt Finish Technique - Hand Carved
Maori Warrior Tiki. Here is a hand carved Tiki totem measuring 7 foot tall, solid and heavy, carved out from a palm tree. Perfect Tiki for your yard, pool, Tiki bar or simp...
Love Prosperity Health Tiki Mask 40" - Hand Carved | #dpt5010100
Here is a hand carved Tiki mask and hand painted. This Tiki mask depicts Ku (Tiki of strength, healing), Ka...
Maori Tiki Totem 12" Natural - Tropical Decor
This wooden Maori totem - scaring away bad spirit away with his mean tongue... measures 12 inches tall. Mad...
Big Kahuna Maori Tiki Mask  40" - Chief Tiki | #bag15038100
Here is a hand carved Tiki mask with a beautiful antique finish, great for your tropical tiki decor. This m...
MAORI TATTOO Among the Maori, tattooing is a very meaningful, common, and sacred form of art. The Maori believe that Mataora was responsible for bringing Moko (tattooing) to the world as a symbol of love and commitment for his wife, Niwareka. By enduring the tremendous pain of the tattoo, Mataora proved to his father-in-law, Uetonga, that he was worthy of continuing his relationship with Niwareka. As a result of this experience, Mataora also learned the art of applying the Moko.
MOKO MEANING This story illustrates the sacred and godly spirit that Moko holds. Each Moko holds an ancestral or tribal message that is unique to the wearer. The messages narrate a wearers family, tribal and sub-tribal affiliations and their placed within these social structures. The placing of the Moko shows the wearers value or position in society by way of bloodlines or through qualification. Moko was used as a tool by which a hierarchical custom could be observed and maintained.
KORU: SPIRAL DESIGN The koru, or spiral design, is the most used element in Moko. A Maori proverb says, "Ka hinga atu he tete-kura - ka hara-mai he tete-kura. Translated this means, "As one fern frond (person) dies - one is born to take its place". The primary meaning of the koru is "birth," "re-growth" and "re-generation." It is an analogy of what Koru can represent. Coupled with the human characteristics, as previously explained, we can see that as one supports the other, it is safe to assume that koru represents or personifies actual ancestors. With this in mind we can also assume that single Koru with secondary protrusions growing from it symbolizes parenthood, or whakapapa (ancestry/genealogy). It also symbolizes sustainability; the passing of life, information and resources from one generation to the next. For double headed Koru, known as Mango Pare, most Maori artists will tell you that this design pertains to the warrior. This double headed "analogy" takes its form from the Hammerhead Shark. A symbol of strength and ferocity that best fits the warrior and the attitude required to be successful in that occupation. It is no wonder that Koru, with such comprehensive and important meanings, should dominate Moko.
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