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Bottled Secrets

The inspiration behind this painting comes from making sand castles on the beach. When I was a kid, I used to wonder if I could make one so large I could live in it. I would put my face low to the sand and imagine the castles I made as huge dwellings. As an adult I thought of how a creative person or couple could truly make a castle full size using sand, but reinforced with limestone and mud and the hard calcium from shells and things found in the sea. Maybe this could really work! Everything on this castle was found on the beach.

I researched a little on organic architecture and recalled the great forms that the Spanish Architect Antonio Gaudi created. With these swirling towers and forms in mind, the castle was built on this large majestic rock on some Hawaiian beach. You can see the creator was inspired by the way light shines through colored bottles that washed ashore. They became the details along the top of the towers adding sparkle. Notice the contrast of the red earth mud against the coral blocks and seashells making up the castle walls. Those living in this castle are creative, artistic and passionate. We see the little rope bridge leading to the rock platform where a lone aisle and paintbrushes awaits the artist. Woven baskets of palm and shell chimes reinforce the idea of creative souls crafting their dreams out of the gifts of the sea and shore.

Lastly, we see a small bottle with a rolled message inside floating just behind the breakers. The image of a message in a bottle is enchanting in itself, but this is also a symbolic way of getting us to ponder about answers to our questions about life. This message in the bottle could be an answer from a mysterious source or our own question coming right back to the same source it was launched because at times, we may find that the answers were always inside our own hearts to begin with. Over all, this painting is a celebration to those who use the tools of true creative passion and harmony with nature to build their wildest dreams.

This is a brand new, shrink wrapped art print by Thor. The image is roughly 8x10, and is double matted to fit in a standard 11x14 frame. The mat also has a special embossed foil stamp which reads Thor - Hawaii.

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