Pohakea "Dawn's Light" Bronze Statue 13" By Kim Taylor Reece | #Ktr696933142247

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Pohakea "Dawn's Light" Bronze Statue 13" By Kim Taylor Reece | #Ktr696933142247
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The Hula dance and Hawaiian canoe paddler are part of the soul of Hawai'i. The graceful movements symbolizes the connection with our ancestors and our connection with the land. This elegant hula girl statue captures the beauty and essence of the hula in the true aloha spirit.

* Authentic bronze statue by Kim Taylor Reece
* Size: 13"
* Weight: 10-12 lbs depending on designs
* These images are similar in design to the cold cast series
* Made from bronze, they are designed for the serious collector of Kim’s art
* They will give you a lifetime of joy and pleasure as they are prominently displayed in your home or office
* All statues come with rectangular bases
* Dust with micro-fiber cloth
* Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents
* Great Hawaiian Decor gift idea!
* Kim Taylor Reece: Kim Taylor Reece is considered Hawaii's premier Hula artist, capturing the ancient Hula in photograph he has made "time stand still" while showcasing the graceful movements of the Hula. Now in conjunction with some of Hawaii's top sculptors, Kim Taylor Reece has created his line of sculptures that represent his photo art.

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