3-Geckos Tribal Mask 40" - Primitive | #nmk2205100

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The 3-Geckos Tribal Mask is a stunning piece of primitive decor that will bring an enchanting touch of tribal charm to any space. This unique wall hanging measures a grand 40 inches tall and is designed with intricate details, including egg shelves, which give it an authentic and handcrafted look.

The mask features three geckos, each carefully carved and placed to create a captivating visual effect. The geckos are meticulously detailed, with their scales and features etched into the mask, giving it a lifelike appearance. This attention to detail adds to the overall charm and appeal of the piece.

Measuring 40" X 7" X 3", this mask is sure to catch the eye and become a focal point in any room. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or office, it will undoubtedly spark conversations and serve as a great talking point for guests.

Designed as a wall hanging, the 3-Geckos Tribal Mask comes with everything you need to easily display it on any wall. It is crafted with a sturdy backing and a secure hanging mechanism, ensuring that it stays in place and looks great wherever you choose to hang it.

The primitive tribal design of this mask adds an element of exoticism and mystery to any space. It blends seamlessly with a variety of decor styles, from bohemian to eclectic, and complements both modern and traditional interiors. Whether your home is filled with rustic furnishings or sleek contemporary pieces, this mask will effortlessly elevate the ambiance and create a unique focal point.

If you're seeking a distinctive piece that showcases artistic craftsmanship and tribal heritage, the 3-Geckos Tribal Mask is the perfect choice. Its intricate details, impressive size, and primitive tribal style make it a true work of art that is sure to make a lasting impression. Add this mask to your collection or gift it to someone who appreciates the beauty of authentic tribal art.