Carved storyboards at Tiki showcase the incredible talent and craftsmanship of our master carvers, who have meticulously created 15 stunning pieces that depict the captivating story of King Kamehameha the Great. These storyboards are not only exquisite art pieces but also a fantastic collectors' item for enthusiasts of Polynesian culture.

Featuring natural tones and intricate designs, our carved storyboards offer an affordable way to bring the rich heritage and beauty of the Hawaiian islands into your home. Each one tells a different aspect of King Kamehameha's story, with themes ranging from whale designs to surfers and much more. Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or simply want to add a touch of Polynesian charm to your space, these storyboards are sure to captivate and delight.

Among the products in this category, you will find the Love Tiki Mask with Carved Wooden Frame, measuring 22 inches by 15 inches. This beautifully crafted piece is perfect for adding a unique touch to your Tiki bar decor. Similarly, the Papua Mask with Carved Wooden Frame offers a distinctive and striking design that will draw attention and admiration.

For larger wall art, consider the Canoe Paddler Hawaiian Scene Wood Panel, measuring an impressive 40 inches by 12 inches. This piece portrays King Kamehameha with polynesian wall art and is sure to make a bold statement in any room. Alternatively, the Wooden Tiki Relief Hawaiian Tiki and the Big Kahuna Tiki Relief showcase the intricate details of our carvers' work with their wood panel designs.

The collection also includes storyboards with evocative titles such as The Nana Stone, King Of The Sandwich Islands, Climb To Safety, and The Final Days: Taro Field. Each piece represents a chapter in the life of King Kamehameha, highlighting important events and cultural elements from his rule.

With our carved storyboards, you can connect with the history and traditions of the Hawaiian islands and bring the spirit of Polynesia into your home. Whether you choose one piece or collect the entire set, these unique and affordable artworks will transport you to a world of beauty, culture, and everlasting stories.
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