Outdoor Tiki Totems: Embracing the Spirit of Hawaii

Transform your outdoor space into a tropical paradise with our collection of Outdoor Tiki Totems. Hand-carved with intricate designs, these totems exude the essence of Hawaiian culture and charm. Whether you place them in your garden, at your front entrance, or on your patio, these unique works of art are sure to captivate all who lay eyes on them.

What distinguishes our Outdoor Tiki Totems is their ability to endure the elements. Specially treated to withstand outdoor conditions, they are built to last, rain or shine. Whether it's a torrential downpour, scorching sun, or gusty winds, these totems will remain resilient and beautiful, ensuring many years of enjoyment.

Crafted with passion and skill in Kailua, HI, our dedicated team ensures the highest level of quality control for all our outdoor carvings. We take immense pride in offering tikis that authentically embody the spirit of Hawaii. For added protection and longevity, our team can also coat your tiki with Sikkens, upon request.

Within this category, you will find an impressive array of breathtaking tiki totems to choose from. The Maori Warrior Tiki, standing tall at 7 feet, boasts a natural finish that accentuates the wood's innate beauty. If you prefer a different aesthetic, the Love Prosperity Health Tiki showcases the burnt finish technique, creating a smoky and distinctive appearance.

Transport yourself to the Big Island with the Big Island Kona Tiki, which exudes a warm and rustic feel with its burnt finish technique. Or indulge in the awe-inspiring combination of two iconic tiki designs with the Easter Island Moai & Big Kahuna Tiki Totem Pole, a stunning 7-foot centerpiece for any outdoor space.

For those seeking something slightly smaller, the Lanikai Tiki Totem at 60 inches adds a touch of tropical flair to any landscape. If you desire a more playful touch, consider the God of Surf Totem Tiki or the Pineapple Outdoor Tiki Totem.

With such a diverse selection, you are bound to find the perfect tiki totem to complement your outdoor ambience. Invite the spirit of Hawaii into your own backyard, and create a welcoming and enchanting atmosphere with these hand-carved outdoor tiki totems. Aloha!
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