Outdoor tiki totem poles are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, whether it be a pool, garden, front door, or patio. These hand-carved tikis are available exclusively through Tikimaster, ensuring that each piece is original and unique. With designs inspired by Hawaiian culture, these totem poles bring a touch of tropical charm to any setting.tnOne of the key features of these outdoor totem poles is their ability to withstand the elements. They have been treated to ensure that they can handle rain, sun, and other outdoor conditions. For those looking for extra protection, the tikis can be coated with Sikkens upon request. This coating provides maximum protection against weathering and adds to the longevity of the totem pole.tnThe quality control for these tikis is done in Kailua, HI ~ Oahu, ensuring that only the highest quality pieces are delivered to customers. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in each hand-carved totem pole. Whether it is the intricate design of the Premium Love & Prosperity Tiki Totem Pole or the imposing presence of the Maori Warrior Tiki, these tikis are true works of art.tnThe range of options in this category is extensive, with totem poles in various sizes and finishes. From the 7-foot Maori Warrior Tiki with a natural finish to the Big Island Kona Tiki with a burnt finish technique, there is something to suit every taste. The Easter Island Moai & Big Kahuna Tiki Totem Pole provides a unique combination of iconic cultural symbols, while the Kane Tiki and Tiki God Kane add a touch of tropical flair to any poolside decor.tnFor those looking to make a bold statement, the Ultimate Matching Pair of Tiki Totems offers a stunning 16-foot display of hand-carved artistry. On the other hand, the smaller Pineapple Outdoor Tiki Totems in natural or burnt finish bring a welcoming touch to any outdoor space.tnOverall, outdoor tiki totem poles from Tikimaster are the perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of tropical charm and culture to their outdoor spaces. With their hand-carved craftsmanship, durability, and range of designs, these tikis are sure to impress visitors and create a unique atmosphere for any outdoor setting.
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