Polynesian Weapons is a product category that showcases the history, craftsmanship, and cultural significance of war clubs from Fiji and Samoa. These war clubs hold a special place in the Polynesian culture, representing the history of violence and combat in the region.

The Fijian clubs in this category are classified based on their surface ornamentation, design, wood or root used, and coir sennet wrapping. The decorative designs found on the clubs often depict regional and parochial motifs, abstract or realistic forms, and scenes from popular myths and legends. The notches on the grip or inlaying of human teeth or ivory around the head indicate the number of kills, with more kills believed to enhance the club's power and "mana."

The category features various notable products that exemplify the craftsmanship and cultural significance of Polynesian weapons. The Ceremonial Samoan Dancing Knife Nifo Oti, Samoan Machete Axe, Hand-carved Tiki War Club Axes, and the Patu Maori War Clubs are all representative of different aspects of Polynesian combat traditions.

In addition to these key products, there are other clubs in the category, such as the Fish Hook Fijian Club, Throwing Axe Fijian Club, and Fijian Double Axe Club, each with its own unique features and cultural significance. These clubs not only serve as historical artifacts but also as beautiful works of art that can be appreciated and displayed.

Overall, the Polynesian war clubs in this category offer a glimpse into the violent past and cultural heritage of Fiji and Samoa. Each club is a unique piece of art, representing the power and mana of its owner. Whether as collectibles or decorative items, these clubs honor the traditions and craftsmanship of Polynesian culture and can be appreciated for their historical, cultural, and aesthetic value.
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