Our Tikis category offers a wide selection of outdoor tikis and masks that are all hand carved and undergo thorough quality control in Kailua, HI ~ Oahu. These outdoor tikis are specially coated with Sikkens upon request, providing maximum protection against the elements.

Tikis are spiritual figures rooted in Hawaiian culture, known for their big, intimidating mouths and fierce expressions that serve to ward off evil. The headdresses of these tikis vary and hold different meanings based on their unique shapes.

In this category, you will find an assortment of products that capture the essence of Tikis and their significance in Hawaiian mythology and heritage. The Lanikai Tiki Totem, standing at 60 inches tall, showcases a natural and vibrant landscape tropical design that adds a touch of paradise to any outdoor space. For those seeking a reproduction of a classic, the Primitive Tiki 51" Trader Vic's Reproduction #1 from the 1960s is a perfect choice.

For individuals interested in Hawaiian mythology, the Premium Tiki Ku at 40 inches represents strength and carries deep cultural significance. This same design is also available in stained finish, highlighting the rich history and heritage of Hawaii. The Tiki Kona Style Lono at 6 feet offers a museum replica that portrays the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Other products in this category include the Tiki God Temple Image at 48 inches, which captures the essence of health and is available in both natural and stained finishes. The Tiki Goddess Pele, a hand-carved replica standing at 48 inches, brings forth the spirit of the iconic Hawaiian goddess.

Ku Kona-Style Tikis, available in medium brown and traditional finishes, further showcase the traditional craftsmanship and cultural significance of these timeless figures.

Whether you are looking to enhance your outdoor space with a touch of Hawaiian culture, seeking a spiritual representation, or simply appreciate the artistry behind these hand-carved tikis, our Tikis category offers a diverse range of products that cater to various tastes and preferences. Bring the spirit of Hawaii to your home or garden with these exquisite outdoor tikis and masks that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.
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