Tikimaster was commissioned over the years to complete different projects from onsite carvings, movie set to restaurant build out.


1) QuikSilver winter home: Tikimaster.com was hired to carved a couple of tiki totems f out 2 coconut trees that were cut down at 10 feet.

Tree carving is a form of art where designs or patterns are carved into tree trunks or branches. It can be decorative or convey a specific message, adding a unique touch to natural surroundings.


Chainsaw carving is a sculptural art form that involves using a chainsaw to carve wood into intricate and often detailed sculptures. Artists typically create various forms, such as animals, figures, or abstract designs, by skillfully manipulating the chainsaw through the wood.


Tiki carving is a Polynesian-inspired art form where wooden sculptures, often resembling humanoid figures, are created. These carvings, known as tikis, are associated with traditional Polynesian cultures and are often used for decorative or religious purposes.

2) Holokai Grill restaurant: Tikimaster.com was commissioned to build a 20 foot outrigger canoe, a 33 foot waka canoe, a double hull sailing canoe, multiple storyboards along with a bunch of 8 foot tikis