Discover our exclusive collection of Blue Marlin traditional Koa weapons, a category that showcases the craftsmanship and artistry of Native Hawaiian artisans. These exceptional pieces pay homage to ancient weapons while incorporating modern touches, including the addition of genuine blue marlin or sailfish bills.

Each item in this collection is expertly crafted from Hawaiian Koa, a prized and revered wood known for its beauty and durability. Our Koa Sword with Blue Marlin Bill is a standout piece, measuring 27 inches and adorned with striking red feathers. The brown feather variant offers a unique alternative, showcasing the versatility and range of our collection. For those seeking a longer blade, our Koa Sword with Sailfish Bill measures an impressive 35 inches and is available in both red and brown feather options.

The stunning Koa Sword with Blue Marlin Bill, featuring yellow feathers, is a true statement piece that adds a vibrant touch to any collection. For those seeking a larger and more intricate design, our Koa Sword with Sailfish Bill offers an impressive 44-inch length, adorned with eye-catching yellow feathers.

In addition to our exceptional selection of swords, our category features other remarkable items, including the Hawaiian Koa Knife with Blue Marlin Bill. This 30-inch knife is handmade in Hawaii, showcasing the artistry and skilled craftsmanship of our artisans.

For those looking to expand their collection beyond swords and knives, our Koa Spear with Sailfish Bill and Authentic Shark Teeth is a must-have. This 46-inch spear combines the richness of Koa wood with the unique allure of a sailfish bill and 36 authentic shark teeth.

Whether you are a serious collector or simply appreciate the beauty and history of these traditional weapons, our Blue Marlin category offers an array of pieces that are sure to captivate and spark conversation. Each item in this collection is meticulously crafted and represents the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. Add a touch of elegance and authenticity to your collection with our exquisite Blue Marlin Koa weapons.
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