Our plaque category offers a unique collection of wall plaques featuring tiki masks. These plaques are perfect for adding a touch of culture and style to any space. With a flat back and ready to hang design, these masks are convenient and hassle-free to display.

Each tiki mask in our collection is hand carved and hand painted with great attention to detail. The craftsmanship and artistry make these masks truly remarkable pieces of decor. From the vibrant pop art culture designs to the traditional Hawaiian elements, there is a mask to suit every taste and style.

Our tiki masks are not just ordinary wall plaques, they are a statement piece that adds personality and character to any room. Whether you want to spruce up your living room, bedroom, office, or even your outdoor space, these masks will instantly elevate the ambiance and bring a touch of tropical charm.

Some of the featured products in this category include the "God Of Surf Tiki Mask," a stunning 20" wood hand-carved mask that exudes elegance and craftsmanship. The "Hospitality Tiki Mask" is another popular choice, with its tribal design and impressive 22" size. For those looking for something more colorful, the "Colorful Love & Prosperity Tiki Mask" and the "Colorful 'Aloha' Tiki Mask" are excellent options.

If you are a fan of the modern pop art tiki culture, our collection has got you covered. Check out the "Kona Tiki Mask," "Kapu Tiki Mask," "Pohaku Tiki Mask," and "Hacho Tiki Mask," all available in both 12" and 20" sizes. These masks will add a contemporary and trendy touch to any room.

Whether you are decorating your own home or looking for a unique gift, our plaque category offers a wide range of options to choose from. With their captivating designs and impeccable craftsmanship, these tiki masks are sure to become a conversation piece and a cherished addition to any collection.

Transform your space into a tropical paradise with our collection of wall plaques tiki masks. Explore our hand carved and painted masks today and let the spirit of tiki culture infuse your home with warmth, style, and a touch of the exotic.
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