BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce Framework Update:

MAK Digital performed a comprehensive backend-framework update for, ensuring that the website's infrastructure is modernized and optimized for performance and security.

BigCommerce Stencil Theme Build:

MAK Digital built a custom Stencil theme for, incorporating unique design elements and functionalities tailored to the client's brand and requirements.

BigCommerce Design Services

Art Direction/Web Design:

MAK Digital provided art direction and web design services to elevate the visual appeal and user experience of The redesign focused on capturing the essence of Tiki culture while maintaining a modern and intuitive design.

Responsive Design: received a responsive design, ensuring seamless and consistent user experiences across various devices and screen sizes. This adaptation improves accessibility and engagement for all visitors.

BigCommerce SEO Services

SEO Audit & Transition:

As part of the comprehensive solution, MAK Digital conducted an extensive SEO audit and transition for This process involved analyzing the website's performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategic changes to enhance its search engine visibility and rankings.

On-Page Optimizations:

To further optimize for search engines, MAK Digital implemented on-page optimizations, including metadata enhancements, content improvements, and internal linking strategies. These optimizations aim to improve organic traffic and user engagement.

Keyword Research:

MAK Digital conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for This research informs content creation and optimization strategies, helping the website rank higher in search engine results pages.