The Traditional category offers a wide range of hand-carved Tiki totem poles that are perfect for adding a touch of Hawaiian spirituality and culture to any space. These Tiki sculptures are meticulously crafted and undergo quality control in Kailua, HI ~ Oahu, ensuring their authenticity and top-notch craftsmanship.

In Hawaiian mythology, Tiki totems are considered spiritual figures and are believed to ward off evil with their fearsome expressions and menacing mouths. Each Tiki totem has a unique headdress, which holds different meanings based on its shape. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, these Tiki sculptures are not only decorative but also serve as fascinating conversation starters.

Some of the standout products in the Traditional category include the Love Tiki Totem 10" with an antique finish, perfect for gifting as a Hawaii souvenir. The Long Life Tiki Totem 10" with an antique finish symbolizes prosperity and longevity. For those seeking abundance and good fortune, the Prosperity Tiki Totem 10" with an antique finish is an excellent choice. The Vegas Baby Tiki Totem 10 inch with an antique finish is a playful addition to any space, while the Warrior Tiki Totem 10 inch with an antique finish represents strength and courage.

For those looking for smaller Tiki totems, the Big Kahuna Tiki Totem 6" and the Winner Tiki Totem 6" with hand-carved details are perfect options. These intricately designed totems add a touch of Hawaiian flair to any tabletop or shelf. Additionally, the Moai Easter Island Tiki Totems, available in different sizes ranging from 5" to 10", pay homage to the famous statues of Easter Island.

For those who desire larger statement pieces, the Love Tiki Totem 40" with an antique finish and the Tiki Totem 40" Hospitality Tiki with a pineapple design are ideal choices, adding a touch of tropical charm to poolside or outdoor spaces.

When it comes to traditional Hawaiian decor, the Traditional category offers an extensive selection of Tiki totem poles that capture the essence of Hawaiian mythology and culture. Hand-carved with precision and attention to detail, these Tiki totems are an excellent addition to any space, allowing individuals to embrace the rich heritage and spirituality of Hawaii.
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