Tiki God Temple Image 48" - Natural Hawaii Museum Replica | #yda11028120

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Tiki God Temple Image 48" - Natural Hawaii Museum Replica | #yda11028120
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Tiki on the left only - natural color - Here is a beautiful Tiki measuring 48 inches tall (120 cm), made out of solid wood, monkey pod. The image is possibly one of the finest temple-style images, presenting all of the dynamic qualities of the style and the abstraction of the headdress, hair and eyes, which in this instance are triangular, faceted elements set into the hair pattern.

* Premium Kane tiki: 48" X 8" X 8"
* Wood: Monkeypod
* Provenance: the original is undetermined, possibly from Hale-o-keawe, Honaunau, Hawaii
* Pre-coated with Sikkens
* Hand carved
* Perfect Tiki for your yard, pool, Tiki bar or simply indoors
* Great addition for your Tiki collection
* Manifestations of Mana are what Polynesian sculptors' desire most, and Mana is not easy to define. It is most commonly defined as "power" but it also means dignity, serenity. It sometimes means bravery and often implies humor and pride. But there is no evil, no cruelty in Mana
* This is a beautiful piece of art! These Tikis were carved with great attention to details

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