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The Classic Surfboard Brown with Vertical Stand 12" - Trophy is a beautifully crafted wooden surfboard that will instantly transport you to the coast. With its unique multi-stringer design, this surfboard is a work of art that will catch the eye of any visitor.

At 12" X 3", this surfboard is the perfect size to display in your home or as a decorative accent in your surfing-themed room. The compact size allows you to easily find the ideal spot to showcase this exquisite piece. Whether you choose to position it on a shelf, mantel, or desk, this surfboard will become an instant conversation starter.

Not only is this surfboard a stylish addition to your decor, but it also serves practical purposes. Its size and shape make it an excellent choice for trophies or corporate gift ideas. Whether you are organizing a surfing competition or recognizing the achievements of your team, this trophy surfboard will be a unique and memorable way to honor the winners.

The stand that comes with this surfboard is not only functional but also adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. The stand can be easily detached, allowing you to change its position or store it away when not in use. Its vertical design ensures stability, making it safe to display in any setting.

Crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, this Classic Surfboard Brown with Vertical Stand 12" - Trophy is built to last. Its rich brown hue adds warmth and sophistication to its appearance, enhancing any interior design style.

Whether you are a surfing enthusiast, a collector of unique decor, or searching for the perfect gift, the Classic Surfboard Brown with Vertical Stand 12" - Trophy is an excellent choice. Embrace the spirit of the ocean and bring a piece of the surf culture into your home with this timeless and versatile surfboard.

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    Classic Surfboard 12" Trophy

    Super cute product. Perfect for a tabletop display. Easily branded.

    Posted by Lindsay on Jun 13th 2017