Fijian Tiki Mask 12" - Meaning of Love - Oceanic Art | #mdr1901230

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Fijian Tiki Mask 12" - Meaning of Love - Oceanic Art | #mdr1901230
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Here is a wooden Fijian mask featuring a hand carved turtle representing the Winner Tiki, the mask measures about 12 INCHES. This mask was hand carved and hand painted. Perfect for outdoor or indoor Polynesian Tiki decor!

Fijian culture: Carving was practiced by the men; carving would be used for items of practical use and simple shapes and design were used. A lot of effort was put into well adorned weapons and items for the home and ceremony, today carving is practiced for its use in tourism and no longer plays a major role in Fijian society and life except in the case of the Tanoa used from drinking Kava.

* Fijian tiki mask
* Size: 12" X 5"
* Material: wood
* Hand carved and hand painted
* Polynesian decor
* Great conversation piece


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