Fish Hook Shredder Fijian Club 16 inch w/ Black Feathers - Acacia War Club | #bla605740b

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Here is a beautifully hand made Fijian axe club. The wood used is Monkeypod wood with authentic coconut husk from Fiji.

Story: Use like an axe to crack skull and break bones. Targets the head, arms and legs. Can make a clean break of the bones without much bleeding. This beautiful and intimidating piece of art is about 16 INCHES long, the wood used for this specific item is made of Monkey Pod wood.

* Fijian war club
* Hand made
* Wood: Monkeypod
* Handle: coconut husk from Fiji with black feathers

This Fijian war club was hand carved and hand polished with great attention to details. (see picture)