Koa Spear 24" w/ Shark Teeth & Red Feathers | #koa38rf

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Koa Spear 24" w/ Shark Teeth & Red Feathers | #koa38rf
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Here is an intimidating Hawaiian spear made out of KOA with Shark teeth also known as pahoa i a me lei-o-mano.

  • Hawaiian Koa spear
  • Size: 24" in length
  • 8 Authentic shark teeth and feathers
  • Breaded with coconut fiber
  • Great addition to any tropical decoration and makes a great gift!

This beautiful piece of art is 24" long, there are a total of 8 authentic tiger shark teeth, the wood used for this specific item is Koa and has woven loops of fibers also called olona (a Hawaiian shrub, the bark of which was valued as a source of strong, durable fiber). The spear can either be hung or mounted. Please note that the feathers arrangement may vary slightly".

You can see from the pictures the attention to details and the smoothness of the wood.
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