Maori Tiki Totem 12" Natural - Tropical Decor | #yda1100830

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This wooden Maori totem - scaring away bad spirit away with his mean tongue... measures 12 inches tall. Made of Monkey Pod wood: Natural color! Each tiki totem was hand carved with great attention to details. Each piece was hand waxed in Hawaii to give a nice finish!

* Tiki: Maori tiki - warrior, strength
* Wood: Monkeypod wood (acacia)

* Great addition to any Tiki collection
* Indoor/outdoor
* Size: 12" X 4"
* Manifestations of Mana are what Polynesian sculptors' desire most, and Mana is not easy to define. It is most commonly defined as "power" but it also means dignity, serenity. It sometimes means bravery and often implies humor and pride. But there is no evil, no cruelty in Mana.