Massive Tiki Kuka Ilimoku 64 inches - Butternut MonkeyPod Architectural Design | #yuy3803160

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Here is a beautiful Tiki measuring 7' tall, made out of solid wood. Tiki Kuka Ilimoku is mostly known as the Tiki of strength, sunrise, good crop and love. He is the god of fishing, who built the first fishpond in Hana. He is the god of husbandry and farming, represented by the 'o'o , the digging stick, which penetrates the earth and makes it fertile. He is the god of war and conflict, but also of resolution and healing."

* Tiki: Ku Tiki representing warrior, strength, good crop, love

* Wood: premium Monkeypod wood
* This is a beautiful piece of art! These Tikis were carved with great attention to details
* Size: 81" tall X 23" X 12"
* Finish: outdoor Sikkens finish with Butternut tone
* Great conversation piece