Watermarks Curls Koa paddle 24 inch w/ stand - Desktop Home Office Decor | #koa7029

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The Watermarks Curls Koa paddle with stand is a stunning piece of desktop home office decor that will add a touch of elegance to any space. Handcrafted with precision, this Hawaiian koa paddle measures 24 inches long and features a beautiful etched tapa design.

Made with genuine koa wood, known for its rich and warm colors, this paddle is a true work of art. The wood is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and durability, making it perfect for display. The paddle itself is 24 inches long, with a blade size of 10 inches by 7 inches, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Included with the paddle is a desktop stand, allowing you to easily showcase this beautiful piece in your home or office. The stand is designed to hold the paddle securely in an upright position, allowing it to be displayed prominently on any desk or shelf.

Whether you are looking for a unique corporate gift, a trophy to commemorate a special occasion, or simply a beautiful piece of home decor, the Watermarks Curls Koa paddle with stand is the perfect choice. Its exquisite design and craftsmanship make it a truly exceptional piece that will be cherished for years to come.

Handcrafted in Hawaii, this paddle is a true representation of the rich Hawaiian culture and traditions. Its etched tapa design pays homage to the ancient art form of tapa, a traditional bark cloth that was once used for various ceremonial and decorative purposes. This paddle is not only a decorative item but also a symbol of history and heritage.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique and beautiful piece of artwork. Order your Watermarks Curls Koa paddle with stand today and bring a touch of Hawaiian elegance to your home or office decor.