From Paradise to Your Home: Hand Carved Tikis and Tropical Decor

When you think of Hawaiian art, one of the first images that may come to mind is a hand carved tiki. These iconic wooden statues have become synonymous with the tropical paradise of Hawaii and are a popular choice for home decor. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, hand carved tikis also hold a rich cultural significance and are a true testament to the artistry of the Hawaiian people. In this article, we will explore the history and craftsmanship behind these unique pieces.

The History of Hand Carved Tikis

Tikis have been a part of Hawaiian culture for centuries, with the earliest known carvings dating back to the 13th century. These wooden statues were believed to represent deities and were often placed in sacred areas or used in religious ceremonies. As the Hawaiian islands were colonized by Westerners, the significance of tikis shifted and they became more of a decorative item. Today, hand carved tikis can be found in homes, businesses, and public spaces throughout Hawaii and beyond.

The Art of Hand Carving Tikis

Hand carving tikis is a skill that has been passed down through generations of Hawaiian artists. The process begins with selecting the right type of wood, typically a dense and durable wood such as koa or monkeypod. The artist then uses traditional tools such as chisels and adzes to carefully carve the wood into the desired shape. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the size and complexity of the tiki.

The Different Types of Tikis

There are several different types of tikis, each with their own unique characteristics and meanings. The most common type is the "Ku" tiki, which is often depicted with a fierce expression and represents strength and protection. The "Lono" tiki, on the other hand, is associated with fertility and prosperity and is often depicted with a more peaceful expression. Other types of tikis include the "Kane" tiki, which represents masculinity and the "Kanaloa" tiki, which represents the ocean and its creatures.

Incorporating Hand Carved Tikis into Your Home Decor

Hand carved tikis make for a unique and eye-catching addition to any home decor. They can be displayed as standalone pieces or incorporated into a larger tropical theme. Some popular ways to use hand carved tikis in home decor include using them as bookends, placing them on shelves or mantels, or using them as wall art. They can also be used outdoors to add a touch of Hawaiian charm to a patio or garden.

Where to Find Hand Carved Tikis

If you're interested in adding a hand carved tiki to your home decor, there are several places you can find them. Many souvenir shops in Hawaii sell hand carved tikis, but for a more authentic we recommend Tikimaster for their authenticity and FREE shipping anywhere in the U.S.. You can also visit Tikimaster in person on your next trip to Hawaii

Hand carved tikis are not just a decorative item, but a true representation of the artistry and culture of Hawaii. By learning about their history and craftsmanship, you can gain a deeper appreciation for these beautiful and meaningful pieces. Consider adding a hand carved tiki to your home decor to bring a touch of Hawaiian art into your space.

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