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The Warrior Chief Bamboo Tiki Mask is a stunning piece of art that will add a touch of traditional Polynesian style to any space. This hand carved bamboo mask features intricate details that highlight the craftsmanship and dedication of the artist.

Measuring 12 inches in height and 6 inches in width, this lono mask is the perfect size to hang on a wall and create an eye-catching focal point. The natural light brown finish adds warmth and brings out the natural beauty of the bamboo material.

This particular tiki mask represents strength and power, making it perfect for those who want to embrace their inner warrior. The strong and fierce features of the mask evoke a sense of protection and courage, making it a great addition to a study, office, or even a martial arts studio.

Not only is this Warrior Chief Bamboo Tiki Mask a visually stunning piece, but it also carries symbolic meaning. In Polynesian culture, tiki masks were often used to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. The presence of this mask in your space can serve as a powerful symbol of protection and strength.

Ready to hang, this tiki mask is incredibly easy to add to your decor. Simply find a suitable spot on your wall, secure it with a nail or hook, and let this stunning piece do the rest. Whether you choose to display it alone or as part of a gallery wall, this Warrior Chief Bamboo Tiki Mask is guaranteed to make a statement and become a conversation starter.

Add a touch of Polynesian culture and embody the warrior spirit with the Warrior Chief Bamboo Tiki Mask. Bring strength, power, and a unique sense of style to your space with this hand carved masterpiece.
Mask Size:
12 inch